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So finally , If you want a script writing and want to become something special by writing good scripts and want to earn name, fame and wealth from it , Then you are on the right website .

I am going to tell you about writing a modern script, styled with a new method, this is a good type of script writing method and it is very useful in film / movie / video / short film shootings. and it is a director friendly script . That’s why this is the best guide for those who works in shooting locations. That’s why in the year 2023, I have developed a new way to write this modern and best script format. ( Method )

The script format / method is given below.

Now read this article with devotion and kindness, it explains the correct way of writing the script step by step.

First of all we see the background knowledge of the script. know about the meaning of the script , and what is the format or method of script writing and how it is very essential one in shooting time.


Script meaning in English

Script writing format is very simple one. Script is a written particular format in the form of audio – Visuals descriptions of a story / novel / incident / imaginary concept / play / movie/ film / short film / documentary/ tv serials / event / etc ,for all these the script format is same. with description of the scene by scene , where it happens, in interior or exterior of the location, happened in day or night atmosphere, and briefing the characters acting, activity, moods, actions, voice overs, and their hand properties, costumes, ornaments details and the set properties details are in the script. so now it is called a perfect script.

Conversion of a story / novel / event / etc , into audio visual format with all details of what we seen and heard or how we seen and heard . all these are in the particular written format is called script.

(For example – Now imagine that, a cricket match is taking place in the stadium. And you are watching the match. Now how do you describe the whole situation of the stadium, the players are playing there, how is the atmosphere , the action of the players and reaction of the audience their activity and the running commentary is coming there, what you are seeing there and what are you hearing there , all these audio – visuals detailed and effective description is called a script.)

Anchoring script / Script writing for video / Script writing method / event script , all these scripts are the same method or format is Used.

samples of a scenes script format is shown below. :–

Why script is considered the most necessary thing in shooting set : –

To give a good quality and perfect image to film / movie / cinema / TV serials, episodes / documentary films / YouTube videos / short films . All these audio – visual medias. The script writing is very very essential one.
Because during the filming of a film, a directors responsibility is very high, and very busy working schedule is there, he has to watch the shooting location closely He explains the scene to his direction team say as associate director, assistant directors, camera man, artists ,the artists movements and camera movements, the voice tones, voice pitches of the dialogues.

The time of shooting of that scene, Director give his big Attention to characters acting (actors, actresses etc.), and their clothes, costumes, ornaments, hand properties, their acting gestures, the way of speaking the dialogues, actions , activity, makeups, and camera placements, camera shots, movements, lightings, art works, and many more things to observe and give his correct directions to shoot the film because the director is like a captain of the ship.

So all in this busy schedule it is not possible to remember properly the dialogues, camera shots, hand and set properties, correct costumes which the scene needs and one more thing that is script was written far earlier (so many days before ) than the filming time. For all purposes of this . The need of the SCRIPT is very essential one .

( The method (dialogue), and instructions have to be given to the photographer (camera man) also. Lighting people also have to give instructions, during all this busy work the director does not remember all the lines of that scene, sometimes some are forgotten. Because the script written long time ago , after a long time we don’t have time to remember everything and forget about it. it is not good. That is why the script is considered very important during shooting. That is why the importance of the script is very valuable during shooting. Using the script, the scenes are shot very well. It is very important to present the script in the right way and in the best quality toward a best film. )

Script writing :- Now we will understand the necessary of the script. How to write a script and what needs to be written in it . There are many ways of writing scripts in audio-visual media. And I believe that my new way of script writing is a good way. This method is used to depict films/movies/videos/TV serials/short films/short YouTube videos/documentaries/advertisement films/and other audio-visual formats. The best friend who accompanies the director in shooting spot, is one & only script. with the help of the script, It is very simple and easy to shoot with good quality. In this type of script, all the necessary topics are covered. now we look one by one.

Before writing the script first of all write one line story. means the whole summary of one scene is in a single or two lines, like this write all scenes step by step. ( In other words main aim of the scene. so many scenes comes in a story , for each scene one line statement , the bunch of scenes, each of one one lines written ) . Is called one line story .

SCRIPT WRITING DETAILS. write all these below said details in your script :

  3. LOCATION : – The name of the place where the scenes shooting is going to take place . with INTERIOR OR EXTERIOR. ( means INDOOR or OUT DOOR. )
  4. EFFECTS :- write shooting Time. ( any one this. day / night / morning / evening / afternoon / mid night.)
  5. CHARACTERS NAMES :– The names of those who are going to act in that scene are written there.
  6. HAND PROPERTIES :– The name of the accessories or objects which are in the hand of actors , while acting. write these.
  7. ORNAMENTS :– The actors Weared the Jewellery or other ornaments names are written.
  8. COSTUMES “– A description is written about how the costumes and clothes of the actors should be in that scene.
  9. SET PROPERTIES :– A list has to be written of all the valuable and important items that should be kept in the shooting location.
  10. ETC..:– If any important things are there , write down that.
  11. CAMERA SHOTS SECTION :– This section is left in blank in script. ( Because Camera shots division comes in screen play . If the shots are divided and the camera movements & Camera angles are written there then the script converts into screen play. )
  12. VISUAL SECTION :– This is an important section in this , Where the act is going on that places detailed description and the actors names , their moods, their styles and actions, reactions all the actors plays details . write that.
  13. AUDIO SECTION :– In this section write the dialogues, and if any special sound effects are there write down them also. ( The actor’s speech (dialogue) has to be written. )
  14. After Audio – Visuals writing completes in this page then write down there , If scene continues then Cut to next scene or continued to next scene. If scene ends then, Scene dissolves or fadeout or etc.
  15. End of the page :– Here write the P.T.O. Number. ( Please turn over the page number ).

By using this modern type format of the script writing the Director and other technicians are understand the scenes thoroughly and give their best of work. ultimately a good film product comes.

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Good wishes to all Readers have a nice day from A. B. Kokatnur

D.F.D .

Film Director

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