Easy English story writing in 2024

It is very easy to write A story. Either ENGLISH WRITING STORY. OR CINEMA STORY WRITING. or S STORY WRITING. or WRITING STORY IN ENGLISH. or MOVIE STORY WRITING. Think over it, Make mind towards it . Take action on it. Then any body can write A Story / Novel. It is very simple one. see how it is.

For beginner’s :- First of all take A pen and papers or laptop and Sit in A cool, com, quite place. Where there is no disturbance.

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Then 2nd step is close your eyes and Memorize ( past Memory) What you are already SEEN and Heard past activities, like A incident, event, fact, Affairs, occurrences etc. Then once again Visualize those things , scenes Memorize them . After this open your eyes and write down those things with main points, descriptions, dialogues, about that place, about the characters those are involved there , in that scene their behaviors. Write all these step by step with use of catchy words, sentences, phrases, idioms where ever necessary. After completion of writing . Read this 2-3 times, edit it smartly . Here your Real story / Novel or Autobiography is READY. If you write some ones real life story then it is biography /story /novel. So it is very Easy English story writing in 2023.

In other hand If you imagine the scenes, like in dreams you seen, so many scenes in your sleep. If you write that bunch of scenes step by step, and arrange it in an order. then another, one more story is ready.

In beginner stage you write any thing, go on writing and writing, practice more and more ( practice makes man perfect). some days later your writing work and skill Improves, then you become perfect writer. then it is appreciates by others, so on…. you will able to write another good story / novel . finally it is ready to publish.

Read and Read others stories / novels / biography etc., it will help you too much . it improves your knowledge and your writing styles, to write A story with good quality. keeping suspense , twists, romance etc , in story to read eagerly.

FAQ : — 1) WHAT ARE THE TYPES OF STORY / NOVEL ? Or HOW MANY TYPES OF STORY / NOVEL ? Ans. They are Mainly 1) Horror. 2) Romantic. 3) Action. 4) Comedy. 5) Historical. 6) Mythological. 7) Science & Fiction. 8) Imaginary. 9) Fairy tale. 10) Crime. 11) Adventure. 12) Biography. 13) Thriller 14) Autobiography. 15) Detective. 16) Fantasy. 17) Mystery. 18) Tragedy Stories. Etc…


Ans. In a simple way. Story is a bunch of Scenes Description with Atmosphere, Characters, Dialogues, And many more things Explanations. Sharing the thoughts, and Things. It is True one or Imaginary one.


Ans. One scenes description is say about one or two pages length. Summarize this in only one single line. means main point of the scene. like this say about 50 scenes are there, then each scenes main point in a single line. means there are 50 lines. so this is one line story.

CONCLUSION :– Some people asks questions like, 1) How to write story for movie. 2) How to become writer in India. 3) How to become a writer after 12th. 4) How to become a story writer. 5) How to become writer for TV. 6) How to become a writer in India. 7) How to become a story writer. 8) How to become Novel writer. 9) How to write novel book. 10) How to write novel book step by step. 11) How to become a writer short story. 12) moral story writing. 13) How to write Autobiography. 14) how to write biography. 15) How to write drama.

The above cited Article will help to them .to do so. for novel / movie writers, are write first one line story then write every line in one full scene like this write bunch of scenes.

In a scene : — a play is there , in the play description of 1) that Atmosphere, 2) Location, 3) Characters, 4)Dialogues. 5) actions, 6) Hand properties, 7) set properties, 8) costumes, 9) visual, 10) audio,11) characters moods write all about this. like this write bunch of scenes . so the bunch is called novel / movie script. So This is Easy English story writing in 2023.


I think this article helps to you & motivate to you , To write a story / novel. SEE YOU IN MY NEXT ARTICLE. THANK YOU ONE AND ALL.

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